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Smart Card Software Development and Consulting


PACSprobe - software to read HID Prox and iCLASS cards:

SmartCardAPI 5.0 - C#-based smart card framework for .NET software developers :

Application Development
We develop custom smart card applications according to our client's requirements. We capture those requirements for our clients where necessary.Furthermore, JCI ports existing applications to state-of-the-art multi-application operating systems. [sample projects]

Smart Websites
Accessing smart cards over the Internet adds considerable value to e-business. We provide you everything it takes to increase security set up targeted advertisement and virtual private web space.

Requirement Capture and Analysis
We assist clients to capture technical requirements for smart card systems after careful consideration of their business needs. Then we analyze these requirements to produce detailed specifications, technical architecture and design as required.

Project Management
JCI provides full lifecycle support, with managed handover from solution providers to help clients to achieve a smooth transition to innovative smart card and security technologies.

Development Advisory
JCI advises companies that would like to do their own in-house smart card development about available development tools, smart cards, smart card operating systems, smart card readers and existing solutions.

Deployment and Technical Support
We assist our clients with a sound deployment strategy and provide technical support services for their pilot roll-outs to guarantee full satisfaction and acceptance with targeted end-users.Evaluations: JCI reviews proposals for companies that need an independent consultant to evaluate answers to a request for proposal (RFP).

Smart Card Personalization
We develop personalization systems for smart cards pilots with a demand of less than 1,000 cards per day. The process can be linked to an existing database.We always aim to provide the most economic solution for our clients and get them started with a smart card solution. This doesn't always require sophisticated card management software. For large-scale card personalization and deployment we work with partners that can provide robust and well-tested solutions.

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